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Whenever you’re planning to travel overseas it is vital to be aware of concerning the judicial regulations followed by that nation in order that you undoubtedly do not disobey any regulations of the nation. As an example, any person travelling with criminal record will never be permitted to go to the United States without the presence of US waiver documents as per the Immigration and Nationality Act of the United States. The Canadian Pardon is not really recognized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the United States therefore obtaining a Record Suspension or Canada Pardon doesn’t assure access to Unites States. The US Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) get access to the RCMP’s databases if you have ever been guilty with a Canadian criminal record then the DHS has the power to legally prevent you from getting into the country therefore it is usually advisable to inform the DHS regarding any past criminal records although not everybody guilty with criminal records citizen of Canada is forbidden from entry to the United States. The US Department of Homeland Security will permanently prohibit or detain a person who attempt to enter the nation without professing their previous criminal offender records or that they were ever arrested and this might be a very serious matter. Currently, under the US Immigration and Nationality Act any foreign individual from any nation, who has committed an excludable criminal offense is going to be permanently debarred from entering the United States. The legal document from the United States that enables permission for a non-resident to lawfully travel in the country for a particular time period is known asas a US Entry Waiver.

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

There isn’t any eligibility timeframe for a US Waiver like you have for pardon Canada. The judgment to offer a US waiver is made by the US Immigration Officer after taking into account the following details.
a) The seriousness of your criminal history,

b) The chance of harm to the United States in case you are admitted,

c) The key reason why you would like to enter the United States of America.

Finalizing of the application can take around 10 months therefore its highly recommended to apply for the waiver much prior to your plan to travel. For a Canadian citizen who’s found guilty with criminal offender records it’s not required to have a record suspension prior to getting the US entry waiver applying just for the US entry waiver so as to travel to the United States may also do. Irrespective of you having a Canadian Pardon or Criminal Record Suspension you must have a US entry waiver in order to travel to the United States. Nonetheless, prior to travelling it is advisable to have the Canadian pardon granted to be on a more secure side.

Documents required for US Entry Waiver

To apply for a US Entry Waiver, you should acquire an US Waiver Application form via US Department of Homeland Security and not the Canadian Government. All the required documents for example your finger prints, copy of the criminal records, citizenship proof, court letter, and more must be submitted along with the US waiver form therefore it is not a effortless course of action and will take a long time to find the waiver granted because all the regulations need to be abided by. So make sure you have all the specified data, also that there are no mistakes because if noticed by the official then you must go through all of it over it yet again. The waiver is suitable for a period of one to five years and after that you should renew it if you would like travel with a fresh US entry waiver application and the same means is required to be adopted. It’s not an easy thing to acquire a wavier as many steps have to be adhered to and it can be a actual inconvenience many people as opposed to executing it themselves want to get it done through a pardons and waiver service.

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